1. Executive Summary Round Till 8 Feb 2023

Participants have to provide a thorough description of thier startup idea as part of the registration process followed by answering some basic questions regarding it.

2. Mentorship Round 10 Feb 2023 - 27 Feb 2023

Shortlisted Teams will be receiving mentoring sessions from renowned and experienced entrepreneurs. Each team has to submit its pitch deck and Elevator pitch. Mentors will guide the teams in thier further endeavors.

3. Shark Tank Round 23 Mar 2023 - 25 Mar 2023

Leading teams will present their Startup at Consortium(Annual E-summit) at VNIT.The essential traits of an entrepreneur will be put to the test in front of the investors to negotiate.This round will test the presentation, speaking,evaluation and negotiationn skills of the startups.


Who can participate in Startup Conclave 2022-23?

The event is open for all. You just need a startup idea or an active startup to register.

How can I participate in the Startup Conclave 2022-23?

You can follow the following Steps-
Step 1: Team Leader have to register for the Startup Conclave through the portal.
Step 2: After registering, You will find a questionnaire that contains some questions. You have to answer these questions. Some are compulsory and some are optional.

Is the registration free?

Yes its totally free !

What is the last date to register?

The last date of registration is the 31th of January.

How many members can I have on my team?

You can have a maximum of 5 members in a team (1 Leader + 4 members).

I registered more than once for the same entry. What should I do?

For this, you just have to fill out the questionnaire form just by your desired login credentials, if it is already been filled out twice then you can contact us about the issue.

Can I participate in Startup Conclave, if I have already participated in previous years?

Yes! You can participate provided you were not one of the winners in previous years.

What is the mentorship round? How can I participate in this round?

After filling out the questionnaire, Some startups will be sorted for the mentorship round. In this round, each startup will be assigned a mentor, who will guide them to make progress in their startup.

What is the Shark Tank Conso Round? How can I participate in this round?

The Shark Tank Conso is the Final round of the Startup Conclave. This round will be held on the sidelines of Consortium 23 which is the annual E-Summit cum Management fest of E-cell VNIT, where the startups will get an opportunity to pitch their ideas to judges and receive real-time funding in VNIT Nagpur (offline).

Is the event offline or online?

Only the Final Shark Tank Conso Round is offline other rounds are online

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